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Fee Card Sharing Newcamd Server 19.03.2016

Fee Card Sharing Newcamd Server
PROTOKOL = NewCamd5.25
Host :
DES Key: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
5300 : Art + Nova 0604
5301 : bein Sports viacces 0500
5302 : Canalsat Viacces 0500
5303 : Canalsat HD Seca 0100
5304 : Digital+ HD 1810
5305 : Digital+ sd 0100
5306 : Cyfra+ 0100
5307 : sky italia 09cd
5311 : Biss TV 0500
5316 : SKY Germany 1702
USER =======> PASS
USER: ofk0nugh
USER: ofk0lpp4
USER: ofk0k9c9
USER: ofk0mhbw
USER: ofk0871p
USER: ofk0wn41
USER: ofk0v6q6
USER: ofk07tw5
USER: ofk0j5gm
USER: ofk0h0p9
USER: ofk0gice
USER: ofk0iqb2
USER: ofk04h1u
USER: ofk0sw46
USER: ofk0rgqb
USER: ofk033wa
USER: ofk0ffgr
USER: ofk04uj3
USER: ofk03e68
USER: ofk0e1b7
USER: ofk00r10
USER: ofk0o74b
USER: ofk0nqqg
USER: ofk0ydwf
USER: ofk0bpgw
USER: ofk005j8
USER: ofk0yo6d
USER: ofk0abbc
USER: ofk0v215
USER: ofk0kh4g
USER: ofk0j1ql
USER: ofk0unwk
USER: ofk070g2
USER: ofk0vfjd
USER: ofk0ux6i
USER: ofk06lbh
USER: ofk0iwuy
USER: ofk0gr4l
USER: ofk0faqq
USER: ofk0hiqe
USER: ofk039g7
USER: ofk0roji
USER: ofk0q86n
USER: ofk02ubm
USER: ofk0e7u4
USER: ofk0c14q
USER: ofk0bkqv
USER: ofk0dsqj
USER: ofk0yjgc
USER: ofk0nyjn
USER: ofk0mi6s
USER: ofk0x5br
USER: ofk0ahu9
USER: ofk0ywxk
USER: ofk0xgkp
USER: ofk093qo
USER: ofk0utgh
USER: ofk0j9js
USER: ofk0is6x
USER: ofk0tfbw
USER: ofk06rue
USER: ofk0u7xp
USER: ofk0tqku
USER: ofk05dqt
USER: ofk0hoab
USER: ofk0fjjx
USER: ofk0e363
USER: ofk0gb5q
USER: ofk021uj
USER: ofk0qhxu
USER: ofk0p0k0
USER: ofk01nqy
USER: ofk0dyag
USER: ofk0btj3
USER: ofk0ac68
USER: ofk0ck5v
USER: ofk0xbuo
USER: ofk0mqx0
USER: ofk0lak5
USER: ofk0wwq4
USER: ofk099al
USER: ofk0xodw
USER: ofk0w802
USER: ofk08u51
USER: ofk0tlut
USER: ofk0i1x5
USER: ofk0hkka
USER: ofk0s7q9
USER: ofk05jaq
USER: ofk0tyd2
USER: ofk0si07
USER: ofk04556
USER: ofk0pvuy
USER: ofk0ebxa
USER: ofk0dukf
USER: ofk0ohqe
USER: ofk01tav
USER: ofk0p9d7
USER: ofk0or0c
USER: ofk00f5b
USER: ofk0cqos
USER: ofk0alxf
USER: ofk094kk
USER: ofk0bck8
USER: ofk0w3a1
USER: ofk0lidc
USER: ofk0k20h
USER: ofk0vo5g
USER: ofk081ox
USER: ofk06uxk
USER: ofk05ekp
USER: ofk07mkd
USER: ofk0sda6
USER: ofk0hsdh
USER: ofk0gc0m
USER: ofk0ry5l
USER: ofk04bo3
USER: ofk0sqre
USER: ofk0raej
USER: ofk03wki
USER: ofk0onab
USER: ofk0d3dm
USER: ofk0cm0r
USER: ofk0n95q
USER: ofk00lo8
USER: ofk0o1rj
USER: ofk0nkeo
USER: ofk0y7kn
USER: ofk0bi45
USER: ofk09ddr
USER: ofk08w0w
USER: ofk0a5yk
USER: ofk0vuod
USER: ofk0kbro
USER: ofk0jtet
USER: ofk0uhks
USER: ofk07s4a
USER: ofk05ndw
USER: ofk04602
USER: ofk06eyp
USER: ofk0r5oi
USER: ofk0gkrt
USER: ofk0f4ey
USER: ofk0qqkx
USER: ofk0334f
USER: ofk0ri7q
USER: ofk0q2tv
USER: ofk02oyu
USER: ofk0nfon
USER: ofk0cury

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