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Free Card Sharing Server

Free Card Sharing Server
PROTOKOL = NewCamd5.25
Host :
DES Key: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
Port Jsc Full : 4004
Port : 4000 : Art + Nova 0604
Port : 4001 : BeIN Sports viac 0500
Port : 4002 : Canalsat Viac 0500
Port : 4003 : Canalsat HD Seca 0100
Port : 4004 : Digital+ HD 1810
Port : 4005 : Digital+ sd 0100
Port : 4006 : Cyfra+ 0100
Port : 4007 : Skyit 09cd
USER: kavsru4
USER: kavql3q
USER: kavp5pv
USER: kavqdpj
USER: kavd4fc
USER: kav2jin
USER: kav125s
USER: kavcpbr
USER: kavo1u9
USER: kavmv3v
USER: kavlep1
USER: kavnnpo
USER: kav9dfh
USER: kavxtis
USER: kavwc5x
USER: kav80bw
USER: kavkbue
USER: kav8qwp
USER: kav8aju
USER: kavjwpt
USER: kav5nfm
USER: kavt3ix
USER: kavsm53
USER: kav49b2
USER: kavgluj
USER: kav41wu
USER: kav4kj0
USER: kavf7py
USER: kav1xfr
USER: kavpdi3
USER: kavow58
USER: kav0jb7
USER: kavcvuo
USER: kav1bw0
USER: kav0uj5
USER: kavbhp4
USER: kavns9l
USER: kavlni8
USER: kavk75d
USER: kavlf51
USER: kav85ut
USER: kavwlw5
USER: kavv4ja
USER: kav7rp9
USER: kavj39q
USER: kavhxid
USER: kavgg5i
USER: kavio56
USER: kav4fuy
USER: kavsuwa
USER: kavrejf
USER: kav31pe
USER: kavfd9v
USER: kav3sc7
USER: kav3cyc
USER: kavey5b
USER: kav0pu4
USER: kavo5wf
USER: kavnojk
USER: kavybpj
USER: kavbn91
USER: kav03cc
USER: kavymyh
USER: kava95g
USER: kavmlox
USER: kavkfwk
USER: kavjyjp
USER: kavk7jd
USER: kav7x96
USER: kavvdch
USER: kavuvym
USER: kav6j5l
USER: kaviuo3
USER: kavgpwp
USER: kavf8ju
USER: kavhhji
USER: kav379b
USER: kavrncm
USER: kavq6yr
USER: kav2t5q
USER: kave5o8
USER: kav2kqj
USER: kav24do
USER: kavdqjn
USER: kavyh9g
USER: kavnwcr
USER: kavmgyw
USER: kavx35v
USER: kavafod
USER: kavxuqo
USER: kavxedt
USER: kav91js
USER: kavur9l
USER: kavj7cw
USER: kaviqy2
USER: kavtd51
USER: kav6poi
USER: kavu5qt
USER: kavtody
USER: kav5bjx
USER: kavhm3f
USER: kavfhc2
USER: kave1y7
USER: kavf9yu
USER: kav2yon
USER: kavqfqy
USER: kavpxd4
USER: kav1lj3
USER: kavdw3k
USER: kavbrc7
USER: kavaayc
USER: kavciy0
USER: kavx9os
USER: kavmoq4
USER: kavl8d9
USER: kavwuj8
USER: kav973p
USER: kavwm61
USER: kavw6s6
USER: kav8sy5
USER: kavtjox
USER: kaviyq9
USER: kavhide
USER: kavs5jd
USER: kav5h3u
USER: kavtw66
USER: kavsgsb
USER: kav43ya
USER: kavgfir
USER: kave9qe
USER: kavdsdj
USER: kave1d7
USER: kav1r30
USER: kavp76b
USER: kavopsg
USER: kav0dyf
USER: kavcoiw
USER: kavajqj
USER: kav92do
USER: kavbbdc
USER: kavw135
USER: kavlh6g
USER: kavk0sl
USER: kavvnyk
USER: kav8yi2
USER: kavvekd
USER: kavvx7i
USER: kav7kdh
USER: kavsb3a
USER: kavhq6l
USER: kavgasq
USER: kavrwyp
USER: kav49i7
USER: kavroki
USER: kavr87n
USER: kav3udm
USER: kavol3f
USER: kavd16q
USER: kavcksv
USER: kavn7yu
USER: kav0jic
USER: kavoykn
USER: kavni7s
USER: kavy5dr
USER: kavbgw9
USER: kav9b6v
USER: kav8us1
USER: kav93so
USER: kavvsih
USER: kavk9ks
USER: kavjr7x
USER: kavufdw
USER: kav7qwe
USER: kav5l61
USER: kav44s6
USER: kav6cst
USER: kavr3im
USER: kavgikx
USER: kavf273
USER: kavqod2
USER: kav31wj
USER: kavqg0u
USER: kavq0m0
USER: kav2msy
USER: kavndir
USER: kavcsk3
USER: kavbc78
USER: kavmyd7
USER: kavybwo
USER: kavnq00
USER: kavmam5
USER: kavxws4
USER: kava9cl
USER: kav83k8
USER: kav7m7d
USER: kav8u71
USER: kavulwt
USER: kavj105
USER: kavijma
USER: kavt7s9

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